Our team understands the importance of contamination free materials and maintains an integral quality control program within all aspects of part production, assembly, packaging and delivery. Custom component parts are injection molded and drop immediately into a plastic lined bag and double sealed. Bulk commodity supplies are treated in a similar manner, and suppliers must agree to a quality assurance policy and cleanliness criteria to ensure that pre-assembled pieces are free of residual or foreign contamination. Assembly is preformed with both machine and hand operations, but in all cases direct contact to parts are held to a minimum. This constant contamination vigil and your quality control programs have negated the need to perform costly post-production cleaning and allow us to supply the best-priced product. If in the advent, you require “pre-cleaned” sampling hardware, please inform us of your specific protocols.
Following is a list of generic and technical specification on the Liquid Sampler:
• Model numbers relate to tube diameter (or sample capacity).
• All plastic parts are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
• Base units are 100% HDPE (head section, plunger, tube, rod, etc.).
• Sample rods available in HDPE, stainless, or other materials.
• Options only fit corresponding base model

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