Method Comparability

Washington State University, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This comprehensive review documents the ability of COLIWASA’s, Drum Thief’s, and the Liquid Sampler to collect representative data (precise and accurate samples). The research was broken into two phases: Phase I used seven known ratios of oil and water placed into acrylic columns and repetitively sampled by the same operator. In total, ~400 sampling points were collected and graphed (device vs. ratio vs. error). Phase II recorded operator-to-operator variability for inexperienced and experienced (>5 yrs exp.) operators. A blind test panel was set using 55-gallon drums. After orientation and the donning of Level C gear, the subjects sampled each drum using each device. Fifty-two subjects representing 260 data points were collected and graphed to demonstrate data quality (known vs. observed), spillage, ease-of-use, and productivity. The results of this landmark review represent the first of its kind and gives light to the magnitude of error associated with COLIWASA and Drum Thief practices. The research concludes by noting that the Liquid Samplers significantly improves all indices measured and can impact tremendous quality, compliance, and safety gains. This review is well referenced

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